Performance Alloy Mountain Rims (MTB)


    Strummer Performance-Series mountain rims are designed to let you power through some of the hardest terrains with confidence. Double wall construction adds strength to rim & prevents spokes from puncturing tires. Precisely placed eyelets on each spoke holes helps distribute force from the ground during riding.

    Product Comparison

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    Specification XC-28 XC-30 X-Power 823
    Enduro PM72 X-Lite 052
    Inner Width 23 mm 26 mm 26 mm 27 mm 19 mm
    Outer Width 28 mm 30 mm 33 mm 34 mm 25 mm
    Height (Profile) 20 mm 23 mm 21.5 mm 21 mm 21 mm
    Eyelets Yes No
    Yes Yes Yes
    Tubeless Ready  Yes Yes No Yes No
    Asymmetric (Offset) No

    Yes, 4.5 mm

    No No No

    27.5" 32H
    29" 32H

    29" 28H
    29" 32H

    26" 32/32H
    27.5" 32/32H
    29" 32/32H

    Color Available

    27.5" 32/32H
    29" 32/32H

    Color Available

    27.5" 32/32H
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