Strummer Precision Bearings

Strummer Precision Bearings


    Precision Cartridge Bearings (2RS)

    Engineered with cycling in mind, these bearings are designed to withstand high rotation and impact. They come equipped with high-quality NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) seals on both sides to keep out dust and water. The precise steel cage evenly spaces each ball, allowing for smooth rotation during use. We use ABEC-3 standard steel/ceramic ball bearings to strike a balance between precision and speed.

    ACB Bearings for Bicycle Headset

    Headsets play a pivotal role in a bicycle's functionality,Ā contributing significantly to its performance. SteeringĀ is a maneuver that can have a profound impact on your performance in a race. Recognizing the paramount importance of consistent, dependable, and fluid steering, we ensure that it isĀ neither too loose nor too tight. Strummer headset bearings are equipped with ABEC-3 standard steel/ceramic balls toĀ get the optimalĀ balance between precision, durability, and smoothness. For dust and water protection, we useĀ high-quality NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) seals on both sides.