Strummer XC30 Asymmetric Tubeless Ready Alloy Rim (29")
Strummer XC30 Asymmetric Tubeless Ready Alloy Rim (29")
Strummer XC30 Asymmetric Tubeless Ready Alloy Rim (29")
Strummer XC30 Asymmetric Tubeless Ready Alloy Rim (29")
Strummer XC30 Asymmetric Tubeless Ready Alloy Rim (29")

Strummer XC30 Asymmetric Tubeless Ready Alloy Rim (29")

Regular PriceRp 245.000


Meet the Strummer XC30, a wheelset that brings advanced cycling technology within reach. Featuring an asymmetric design, once found only in high-end models, it now offers an affordable option for all riders. The balanced spoke angle on each side ensures even tension, resulting in a sturdy wheel. Tackle uneven terrains with ease, as the Strummer XC30 provides a practical and reliable solution for cyclists seeking both performance and reliability.

    Key Features

    Modern rim geometry, resulting in a more comfortable ride

    Clincher system with tubeless ready design, can be used with regular/tubeless tire.

    Asymmetric design, reducing spoke angle unevenness, thus increasing strength of the wheel.

    Lightweight, aluminum alloy, with a smooth joint/connection, presta (FV) valve hole.


    Inner Width: 26 mm

    Outer Width: 30 mm

    Height: 23 mm

    Valve: FV (Presta)

    Features: Eyelets, Tubeless Ready, Smooth Joint, Asymmetric Design

    Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Size ERD Weight (1 Piece)
    27.5" Not yet available
    Not yet available
    29" 594 mm 532 grams/piece

    Tire Size Recommendation

    ETRTO Standard (Schwalbe Table): 47 mm (minimum) - 65 mm (maximum)

    Schwalbe Recommendation: 37 mm (minimum) - 83 mm (maximum)

    WTB Recommendation Chart: 37 mm (minimum) - 70 mm (maximum)

    Additional Information

    Price is for one piece (you need 2 pieces for assemble a wheelset)

    Alternate names: XC-30, XC30.

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    Where can I Buy This?

    You can get our products via our network of dealers and resellers. To locate the nearest store in your city or town, simply click the link provided below.


    Innovation, Since Day One

    Since our inception in 2008, we strive to make better products that can be depended on. Starting with our CAD technology. Our headsets removes  unnecessary clamping to fork axle whilst providing identical performance. We are also one of the first to sell convertable hubs in Indonesia.

    Focus on The Details

    We obsessively focus on the details. Improving by the millimeter. Adding the stiffness of our hubs by widening the flange our hubs, thus increasing wheelset stability and strength.



    Upgrade kaliper pakai Strummer V2 Hydro Mechanical disc brake pakem sih..


    Saya Strummer Holic. Dari saddle, handgrip, hub HM-380, botol minum, dll banyak lagi.

    Trenggalek, Indonesia

    Saya pengguna bottom bracket Strummer. Loncer dan enteng. Sangat memuaskan.

    Wulida Janjang

    Dengan harga yang ekonomis, tapi memberikan kualitas yang kompetitif di kelasnya.

    Aanri Atama


    Teguh Triyono

    Pulley 11T, Pulley 14T, Hub Freehub HR-360. Terpasang di road bike dan sangat memuaskan.


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