Brands & Partnership

The following are the brands we carry or have partnership with. We worked together with brands that are each amazing at what they are doing. They create exceptional product for each of their markets and customers.


Strummer designs and made high quality components. Continued innovation, research, and development allows them to stay ahead of the game. Strummer hubs are an extremely popular choice, due to their reliability, performance, and selection. They also made headsets, pedals, handlebars, and much more.


This company has a very long history as far back as 1912. Started by manufacturing freewheels and sprockets, then moving to making rear derailleurs, that end up becoming the industry standard. Nowadays, SR SUNTOUR suspension forks & rear shocks are used on many bicycles on the market.


OXO Components are made with value in mind. Constantly trying to bring features previously only available in more expensive components to a lower price point. OXO Components, designed in Indonesia, used by everyone.


Beautiful, easy to use, and high standard of safety. If you are looking for the best child seat, you cannot go wrong with choosing Urban Iki. Their products has won many awards such as IF Design, Red Dot, and many more. Strummer distributes Urban Iki products in Indonesia.


Muni was born as a city-cycling brand to satisfy the desire of everyone who wants to enjoy their daily mode of transportation—the bicycle—their way. We strive to provide conceivable yet surprisingly new
functionality, and designs people will always want to have close at hand. We help cyclists enjoy a personalized, stylish and safe cycling life.


A Japanese manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. With specialty in manufacturing one of the best bicycle child seats in the world. OGK Products are extremely popular in their home country due to their high safety standards and quality. Strummer distributes OGK products in Indonesia.


SCS is a manufacturer of disc brake pads, brake shoes, rotors, cables, and housings. SCS provides high end performance components at fraction of the price. Strummer is the country distributor of SCS products in Indonesia.


Jovina is a junior bicycle brand based in Indonesia, manufactured to Indonesian National Standard. Available from 12 to 20 size. Jovina strives to not cut cost of materials to achieve a lower price. Most of Jovina bike components such as frames and forks are fully produced in Indonesia.