Ceramic Rear Derailleur Wheel Comparison & Compatibility

Updated 25-May-2022

Strummer offers two variants of ceramic pulley wheels. One with White Ceramic and the other one, Super CNC pulley, which comes with Black Ceramic bearings. Both are hybrid ceramic bearings that offer better smoothness compared to steel bearings.

All Strummer pulley wheels can be installed into rear derailleurs with 4/5/6 mm diameter pulley bolts. Two included washers/bushings can be installed to get the right fit.

The following are the teeth variants for each series:

Rear Derailleur Pulley Wheel Variant(s) Available Teeth(s)
Strummer® White Ceramic Pulley Wheel 11T, 13T
Strummer® Super CNC Pulley Wheel with Black Ceramic
11T, 12T, 13T, 14T

To ensure the right fit with your rear derailleur, check for clearance before purchasing and installing. The following table will help you make a good guess, which variant might / might not fit: 

Super CNC Pulley Teeth Variant(s)  Outer Diameter Narrow-Wide
11T 42 mm No
12T 50 mm Yes
13T 52 mm No
14T 59 mm Yes